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Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn Phonetics

What is phonetics

Phonetics is a branch of linguistics that studies how humans make and perceive sounds, or in the case of sign languages, the equivalent aspects of sign. Phoneticians are linguists who specialize in phonetics which study the physical properties of speech.

Phonetics definitions

Phonetics is defined as the study of the sounds of human speech using the mouth, throat, nasal and sinus cavities, and lungs.

Auditory Phonetics: The study of speech perception and how the brain forms perceptual representations of the input it receives during the course of communication.

Articulatory Phonetics: The study of the positions and movements of the lips, tongue, vocal tract, and other speech organs.

Acoustic Phonetics: The study of the properties of the sound waves and how they are perceived by the inner ear.


The Sounds of Spoken Language: We use animated articulatory diagrams, step-by-step descriptions, and audio recordings of sounds within the phonetic alphabet. A diagram of articulatory anatomy is also available for those who are having trouble replicating certain sounds.

Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn Phonetics

  1. . Makes you a pro at speaking

Phonetics helps you in decoding words and pronouncing it correctly. It reduces mumbling and fumbling and helps in boosting your confidence. According to a research in UK led by Educational Psychologist Marlyne Grant, the studies shows the effectiveness of learning phonetics. The study included 30 students who were introduced to a learning method of phonetics and the other 30 who followed the regular methods of learning. After three years, results showed that children of the year two class of seven-year-olds were on average 28 months ahead of their chronological age for reading and confidence and 21 months above their age for spelling.

  • Improves your fluency and accent:

Fluency is how accurate you read the content. Phonetics inculcate a skill of decoding a word and recognizing it with the sound which with practice improves the fluency and the accent. Fluent and you accent makes you a boss. It enhances the overall personality of the individual. According to a research, individuals with a perfect accent are more confident and have great convincing skills. It also helps in closing your deals in the best ways.

3. Helps in inducing a reading habit

When one reads correctly, it gives confidence and automatically one is driven into that direction. “Research has shown that where children are born into a family where phonetics are taught, the culture of reading is already pleasurable,” says Lambirth. Reading takes you towards gaining knowledge.

Communication is our root and only we can water it effectively. In India, many organizations conduct such workshops to enhance the communication skills. Attend our workshop of phonetics to water your seed of communication.

  • Understand the language spoken in the media and what English speakers say
  • Using   dictionaries   and   the    internet   to   know   the       correct pronunciation of any word
  • Students can distinguish the difference between a letter and the sound / sounds that it produces when pronouncing it
  • Each (phoneme) has a distinctive (symbol) that differs from other symbols.
  • Distinguish between American and British English 9- It enables you to read properly and correctly.

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