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Introduction to Macro-molecule (biochemistry)

Prof Emadeldin konozy · August 25, 2021

By the end of these free workshop students should be able to know:

a)The accurate meaning of macromolecules

b)Varying macromolecules and their structures

c)Formation of macromolecules

d)Functions of macromolecules

About Instructor

Prof Emadeldin konozy

Professor, Head of Biotechnology Department and Director of Directorate of Scientific Research and Academics Affairs, Africa City of Technology, Khartoum, Sudan. A highly motivated, dynamic and versatile scientist with strong experience in the field of biochemistry, with a proven track record of leading research projects, including the establishment of milestones and management of huge budgets. My research interests have been focused on the following areas of science: Protein Purification & Characterization, Proteomics, Protein-glycans interaction, and Enzyme Kinetics. My strong technical background and interpersonal skills have allowed me to mentor several graduates, including post-graduate and under-graduate students. Besides, my active involvement in research and teaching activities, I have been a consultant for various governmental and non-governmental research institutes in Sudan and abroad.

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