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Expanding your education in space and time to save a lot of effort and money.

Who We Are ?

Banadir International Center for Advanced Education and Training adopts courses system in teaching and training inside the halls and through the process of integrating information technology and communication technology through various media in response to the requirements of the digital age to graduate generations able to provide the community with competencies capable in various aspects of life as it seeks to meet the needs of society and the growing work market and keeping pace with the variables of the age

Our Message

Contribute to building a society in which the values of sustainable development and knowledge economies are strengthened through practical and remote education and training via technical

Our Vision

Providing High Standard Services

Providing a high-standard educational and training service through a sophisticated integrated system characterized by skill and professionalism that keeps pace with the latest developments and changes in human knowledge.

Facilitate and Accelerate

Facilitate and accelerate the access of educational and training material for learners and trainees within our halls in various parts of the country and the world and through electronic learning media.

Expanding Education

Expanding education in space and time, and saving a lot of time, effort, and money.

Our Goals


Contributing to preparing a distinguished generation capable of promoting scientific progress and development.


Providing the best creative methods and local and international experiences to achieve a pioneering advanced model in learning and e-learning and training.


Developing the capabilities of scientific research and encouraging innovation in areas of importance and specialization

Connect with our Experts

Board of directors

Prof. Elsir Abugroun

Ph.D Microbiology, London University. Dean M.L.S University of Khartoum

Professional Trainer

Mr. Tarig Abdulsalam

Senior Expert Training & Consulting .


Mr. Tariq Hajo Hamray

Fellowship of Certified Public Accountant

Health economist

Mr. Almudather Abulgasim

Experience for 17 years  on pharmaceutical marketing .


Mr. Omer Abdelrazig

Licensed Medical Laboratory specialist.


Mr. Mohamed Saif

Certificate for Improving Arabic Calligraphy ,



Mr. Mohamed Omer

English language Trainer , Translator

 Associate Professor

Mr. Mohamed Ali

Member of Sudanese Association of Certified Public Accountants.


Mr. Mohamed Alaa Eldin

Physiology  Medicine Instructor